Cao Yanbing is a descendant of Wei Wu Emperor Cao Cao and one of the three Warrior body of the world.

He is an unruly, reckless and spontaneous person, who is very affectionate.

When he was young, his parents disappeared and he took his younger brother Cao Xuanliang to guard Rakshasa Street.

Xia Ling was originally an ordinary university graduate with a simple, outgoing personality.

A mysterious business card leads to a misguided encounter with the Cao brothers on Roxas Street which changes the course of his life forever.

Cao Xuanliang is the younger brother of Cao Yanbing, who guards Roxas Street with his brother.He earned the name "Bomber" for his stunt, "The Raining Pear".

Cao Xuanliang is gentle, well-behaved and sunny.He was originally just an ordinary man .However through hard work, he was get Spirit Hosts

A power-up attack floats the enemy into the air. Strong group control and large range AOE damage.

Long range rune laser attack.

Long attack distance and large skill range.

Punch and skills can cause slowing and spell vulnerability effects on enemies.

Mechanic skills can cause a map-wide time-stop effect.

QTE skills can restore character life.

Close range lightning attack.

Highly mobile and adept at launching combined attacks.

Attacks can put enemies into a sensory state, and mechanic skills can greatly enhance general attacks and skills.